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The Monastery of the Mother of God of Blachernai
Monastery in Sarandinakina balka
Zefir-Koba monastery
Monastic complex at cape Vinogradnyy
Caves near Skala Svyatogo Yavleniya
Fortress of Cembalo
Cave town of Kalamita or Inkerman
Syuyren' fortress
Monastery on the island in Kazach'ya bay

Far Outlying Areas

Caves near Skala Svyatogo Yavleniya

This Late Byzantine cave hermitage was discovered in 1908, on the steeps under the present-day St. George's monastery, just opposite to Skala Svyatogo Yavleniya (Russian for "Theophany Cliff") where, according to a legend, St. George the Victor appeared to shipwrecked Greek sailors.

Small cave church was cut in rocky steep. To the left of it was a cave cell, to the right was a big cave with niche in its wall, which probably was a refectory. There also were few more individual caves, located at various heights in steeps of the cliff.

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