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The Monastery of the Mother of God of Blachernai
Monastery in Sarandinakina balka
Zefir-Koba monastery
Monastic complex at cape Vinogradnyy
Caves near Skala Svyatogo Yavleniya
Fortress of Cembalo
Cave town of Kalamita or Inkerman
Syuyren' fortress
Monastery on the island in Kazach'ya bay

Far Outlying Areas

Zefir-Koba monastery

Cave complex of Zefir-Koba is located in the east border of Gerakleyskiy (Russian for "Herakleian") peninsula, in steep precipices of Sapun-Gora mountain. It was arranged in a natural cave, which kept traces of man-made adaptation for living: carefully carved doorway with deep niches cut on each side of it. The door opened into a narrow passage with arched vaulting and staircase to lower tier of caves. There were crosses carved on the walls of the cave. Another cave with stone projection used as bench and seat carved in front of the entrance was located nearby.

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