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The Monastery of the Mother of God of Blachernai
Monastery in Sarandinakina balka
Zefir-Koba monastery
Monastic complex at cape Vinogradnyy
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Fortress of Cembalo
Cave town of Kalamita or Inkerman
Syuyren' fortress
Monastery on the island in Kazach'ya bay

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Monastery in Sarandinakina balka

This large cave monastery was located in the central area of Gerakleyskiy (Russian for "Herakleian") peninsula, at the steeps of Sarandinakina balka (Russian for "Sarandinaki's ravine"). The structure included its main three-tiered complex and a set of individual cave constructions scattered along the ravine's steeps. The middle tier of the main structure presented a large grotto with several rooms carved along its perimeter: a church with narthex, wine press tarapanwith deep mashing platform, which was plastered with opus signinum (mixture of lime and crushed ceramics), a refectory with stone projection used as bench, and a small kitchen with stove annexed to the refectory.

The lower tier of the main complex contained rooms, which were used in economic activities, one having a cistern, carved in bedrock and plastered with water-proof opus signinum. The upper tier had two small cut-in-rock rooms, which probably were cells. All other cells were placed in the ravine's steeps within a certain distance from each other. One of these cells was 60 m to the south and contained 14th century materials, which were synchronous to that from the main complex.

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