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Gykia, the Heroine of Chersonesos It was when the first archon Lamachos governed flourishing and populous Chersonesos. He was a very wealthy person having plenty of gold and silver, cattle and lands. His residence was in a large rectangular house looking over several streets. Lamachos even had his own gates through the city wall for his herds coming back from pastures so that they did not need to go through the city but immediately entered the corral at the house...
The Rus Primary Chronicle (fragment) ...And after a year had passed, in 6496 (AD 988), Vladimir proceeded with an army against Korsun' (Cherson), a Greek city, and the people of Korsun' barricaded themselves therein. And Vladimir halted at the farther side of the city beside the harbor, a bowshot from the city, and its inhabitants resisted energetically while Vladimir besieged the city.

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