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Shuldan monastery

Take the bus no. 40 from the "Pyatyy kilometr" (Fifth Kilometre) stop to the last stop in Ternovka village, then go straight along the motor road, take the first turn to the left, that is a wide path in woods, and ascend the steep.

This monastery is located in artificial caves in Shuldan (Tatar for "echoing") mountain and covers the area smaller than that of the neighboring Chelter-Marmara convent. Of all its cave constructions, a church with synthronos within its chancel apse and remains of the 12th or 13th century fresco paintings is most remarkable. From the monastery opens uncommon in its beauty view of the fortress of Balaklava.

Both monasteries, Chelter-Marmara and Shuldan, are ill studied archaeologically, which is why the scholars offer two foundation dates for these sites: either 8th - 9th, or 10th-12th centuries. Both monasteries were active obviously to the late 15th or early 16th century.

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