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       Modern Sevastopol constitutes a special administrative area which apart from the city proper includes Balaklava, Inkerman, the village of Kacha, and more than 20 villages and settlements. They are dispersed on the extensive territory stretching from Cape Lukull (Ulu-Kol') located near the mouth of the river Al'ma in the north to Cape Sarych, which marks the southernmost point of Crimea. On January 1, 1999, the population of Sevastopol numbered 350,600.
       The territory of Sevastopol covers various geographical regions of Crimea, from the valley between the lower rivers of Al'ma, Kacha, and Bel'bek to the arid subtropics between the capes of Aya and Sarych. All three ranges of Crimean mountains meet in Sevastopol. The variety of landscapes is impressive. Favorable natural conditions contributed to the settlement of this territory from extreme antiquity.
       The Preserve also supervises archaeological sites which are situated within the district of Sevastopol but have not been included into the structure of the Preserve. The sites are as numerous as they various - kurgans of varying sizes, periods and peoples, deserted, agricultural terraces on mountain slopes, megaliths and tombs made of stone slabs, stone boxes of the legendary Taurians, mossy stones of the ruins of settlements and towns which had been abandoned thousands of years ago, overgrown roads leading no one knows where, the winter stations of steppe nomads located in river valleys and shepherds' summer camps called yayly tucked away in mountainous pastures.

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